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Consolidation of FC Solidarność with Colian sp. z o.o.


On 30 June this year FC Solidarność consolidated with the company Colian sp. z o.o. The change is a continuation of the process of consolidation in accordance with the acquisition of Solidarność by Colian Holding that took place in 2013.

On 30 June this year FC Solidarność became part of the company Colian sp. z o.o. that offers products of well-known brands: Goplana, Jutrzenka, Grześki, Familijne, Jeżyki, Akuku!, Hellena and Appetita. The brand Solidatność, together with its flagship products: Złoty Orzech, Śliwka Nałęczowska w czekoladzie, Toffino, joined the wide range of brands of Colian sp. z o.o. 

The existing activities of Solidarność will be continued by Colian sp. z o.o., which is responsible for production and sale of products in the segment of sweets, culinary and beverages. The consolidation of the companies will allow to obtain synergy on the level of logistics, distribution, marketing and management of the sales network.

Colian sp. z o.o.

ul. Zdrojowa 1

62-860 Opatówek


NIP: 618-204-52-00

KRS: 0000269526

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