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Appetita is one of the most recognized and valued seasoning brands in Poland. Since Appetita's debut in 2003 its products have been reaching the tables of consumers and adding rich flavour to their dishes.

Appetita is an invitation to a world of aromatic spices and herbs that will add flavour and subtlety to every dish. True to its brand slogan promising Aromatic seduction Appetita emphasizes what is natural and best in spices and herbs, their fragrance, freshness and rich flavour. Appetita will not only attract you with a wide range of products, but also with their original image. The modern and feminine purple graphical design of its packaging makes it a distinctive item on the shelf and the system used to preserve its flavour will allow you to enjoy the freshness and fragrance of spices and herbs for longer. The new bags are layered and the inner polyethylene coating ensures their full integrity and barrier characteristics. The premium purple colour styling of the brand is distinctive and modern. This is Appetita!

The brand portfolio includes aromatic herbs, single ingredient spices and seasoning mixes based on original recipes. The product range is supplemented with Domowe Sekrety, a line of baking additives and Vigora, a general purpose seasoning. The Appetita seasoning mixes are based on natural recipes and contain no artificial additives or preservatives including MSG. They contain only natural ingredients that undergo stringent quality checks.