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Jutrzenka is a brand that for years has been a guarantee of highest quality products. Jutrzenka combines traditional recipes and modern technology to make products that are sought after by both young and old lovers of sweets.

The range of Jutrzenka products includes Mella, refreshing fruit jellies in chocolate, Petit Beurre, amazingly crumbly and delicate, traditionally baked biscuits, the colourful Kamyki orzechowe and Draże mleczne, liked by younger consumers and the famous Raisins and Hazelnuts in chocolate sold under our brand since its very beginning.

Jutrzenka is always there for you when you feel like having something sweet. Jutrzenka can add to the pleasure of reading a book or meeting family and friends and is a must have sweet snack when you are travelling or at work.

Jutrzenka – the sweetest thing for many years now!